Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the onsite and online (with marking) courses?

Please see our comparison of the online and onsite course offerings here.


Why do I have to pick an option for case submission for the online (with marking) course?

In order to ensure timely feedback for the practice cases you write during the course, we need you to commit to a specific set of submission deadlines in order to ensure that we have marking availability.


What are the onsite course hours?

Course hours are typically from 9am to 5pm each day.


What is the dress code for the onsite course?

The dress code is casual.  Please dress in layers as the temperature in the lecture rooms can be cool with air conditioning in the summer months.


What do I need to print / bring to the onsite course?

You do not need to print any materials for the onsite course.  You will be provided with your course notes and other materials at the course.  Please bring your laptop each day for case writing. 


What is the deadline for registration?

You can register for any of our CFE Prep courses up to two weeks before the summer portion of the course starts, as long as there is still space available in the course.  Last year, all of our courses (except for CFE Prep Online - No Marking) sold out by the late spring.  We also provide you with pre-course resources in March to help you prepare.  To secure a spot in the course, you are only required to make a $300 deposit, with the balance of course fees due by June 15th.  Our refund policy can be found here.


My CFE Prep course choice occurs during the Capstone 1 presentation revision dates?  Do I need to select an online CFE Prep course instead?

The reality is that the majority of candidates will not have to re-present for Capstone 1.  If you find yourself in a position where you do have to re-present, all of the CFE Prep course materials are online, so you can catch up the sessions you missed at your own convenience.  We still recommend taking the onsite course of your choice.  

Where can I find more details about the onsite course locations and parking onsite?

Please see the Course Locations page for more information on course locations and parking.


What should I be doing before the course starts?

You need to ensure that your technical knowledge is up to speed before attending the course.  We recommend 20-25 hours per month of technical review leading up to Capstone 1 (or the start of the course if you are not taking Capstone 1), once you have completed your modules.  Use the scenario flowcharts workbook, which will be mailed out to you in March, as a starting point for common technical areas to study.  If you are looking for a technical resource for your studies, we recommend our CPA Competency Map Study Notes

We also suggest keeping your case writing skills sharp if you have finished your modules well in advance of Capstone 1, or if you are not familiar with case writing techniques.  We recommend our Bridge Course to Capstone which provides you with a case approach session and six practice cases for use in the time prior to the course.

When should I expect to receive more information?

We will be posting pre-course resources in early March and will send you an email when these are ready.  You can login to the website to access these resources.  We will also be mailing out a hard copy book of scenario flowcharts to assist you in your technical review during this time.  We will contact you in mid-June with more information about the course in July/August.



Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about registration or administrative details about the course, please contact Kathy at or 1-844-434-3812 (toll-free).  If you have questions about the course content, please email or you can post the question to our forum (accessed by clicking on the speech bubble on the left hand side on the website).