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Choosing an Online Study Partner

On May 4, 2020

Many of you have asked what you can do now to start getting ready for the CFE. Choosing a study partner is one of those things.


Being available to write and trade cases at the same time is the most critical factor in choosing a partner. You both need to follow the same study plan. That means you need to find someone with the same amount of time off to prepare for the CFE. Both of you should either be in Capstone 2 or both not.


Ideally, you would find someone writing the same Day 2 role, but it is not essential. You can still write together, mark each other’s common component requireds and then mark the elective role requireds for yourselves. It is more important to have someone whose time-off schedule will work with yours.


You will want to “chat” online a bit to get to know one another. You want your study partner to be someone you can talk to and commiserate with. Sharing the misery, even online, can be another effective way to help you manage the stress that is inherent in this process.


Use a platform, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, to get that personal connection with your study partner and coordinate your schedules. Start and stop at the same times as you practise writing cases.


If you are not sure what else you could be doing now, read our recommendations in our previous blog. If you are registered in our CFE Prep course, work through some of the pre-course resources online. For example, you and your study partner could do the Densmore Skill Drills together to take a test run.


The Densmore Team

(May 4, 2020)
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