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Facing the CFE - Final Thoughts

On September 10, 2019

The CFE is a tough mental game: three days long with 13 hours of writing time. Each day is unique and requires you to refocus on the expectations. Your challenge each evening will be to forget about what you saw on that day’s paper so you can start again fresh the next day.


We highly recommend that you do not talk to other writers about what you did and did not do. Without question, they will have seen something different than you did. You will only add to each other’s stress. It always ends in tears.


For the same reason, do not discuss the CFE on social media or in forums. Nothing good can possibly come from it and there are Internet trolls whose sole purpose in life is to mess with your mind. Don’t let them. Stay away!


Have a post-exam plan for each day for what you will do: shop, play golf, reconnect with your family (if that does not cause stress), watch Netflix, or whatever. Program these distractions to ensure that you do not crack those books and begin studying technical. Looking at technical mid-exam it will only cause you more stress, because you will see things you don’t know and then the downward spiral in confidence will begin. Do refresh yourself on approach for the next day, but that is it.


Eat well, stay calm and in control. Time management is the toughest part of this exam. Keep this in control and you increase your odds of passing greatly.


The Densmore Team

(September 10, 2019)

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