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Do You Need a CFE Prep Program?

On June 25, 2019

Do you need a CFE Prep program to be ready in September?


A solid CFE Prep program will give you:


- a focus on understanding the exam and the skills required to pass

- practice exams that are prepared and carefully vetted to simulate the upcoming CFE and different from those you will do as part of Capstone 2

- experienced lecturers who are knowledgeable and strong communicators

- markers who have been trained to provide useful feedback on your practice cases

- a proven track record of successfully training CFE writers


If you work for a firm that provides an in-house program that has a proven track record of success, this should be good for your first attempt.


If you are an experienced writer at a firm, you should consider a different CFE Prep program this year to help improve your chances of success, assuming you fully utilized the resources your firm provided on your first attempt. Keep in mind that any program, no matter how good it is, cannot be blamed for your results if you didn’t follow it completely. A quality program will be carefully designed to give you what you need, but you cannot pick and choose the parts you want to use if you want to be successful.


If you do not work for a firm or a company that provides support to its CFE candidates, a CFE Prep program will improve your chances of success.


Each year at Densmore, we survey our students about how we are doing. In 2018, over 98% of the students who responded to our survey would recommend our program to a friend writing the CFE in a future year. We consider this the very best recommendation!


When we plan our program at Densmore, we always ask ourselves, “is this in the best interest of the student?” and that is how we make our decisions. If you don’t need something, we don’t want to sell it to you.


We strive to give each writer what they need; no more, no less. If you are looking for a CFE Prep program you can see our offerings at

(The Densmore Team – June 25, 2019)

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