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What Should 2019 CFE Writers be Doing Now?

On March 29, 2019

Spring is here and the CFE is getting closer. Some of you may be anxious about starting your preparation. Here is our advice on how you can spend the next few months productively.


If you will be attending Capstone 1, focus on that course once it starts in May. Don’t try to get ahead of the steps. Give it a solid effort and submit everything required. That will give you a strong base to get ready for Day 1 of the CFE. Once you are past that hurdle, you can shift gears to CFE mode and there will still be lots of time to prepare.


If you are not already registered in CFE Prep and don’t have an employer-delivered program to give you some support, we highly recommend considering our program. In fact, over 98% of last year’s attendees said they would recommend the Densmore CFE Prep course to a friend writing the CFE. Those are the people you want to listen to. We have already posted some pre-session materials for review, so register now to take advantage of these resources.


If you will not be attending Capstone 1 (because you already completed it or don’t need to do it because of pre-qualifications), you have some time available between now and August. The worst mistake you can make is to jump in too early and start doing too much now. That should be a relief to most of you, but some of you will be saying, “You don’t mean me, I always need to do more.” Well in this case, we DO mean you. Burnout is one of the most common problems we see for writers who were unsuccessful on the CFE.


It is a long time between spring and September 11. Pacing yourself to get there is critically important. You don’t want to be ready to write on August 11. As counterintuitive as that sounds, it’s true based on our more than 25 years of experience teaching thousands of candidates. The CFE is an interesting exam in that you will only get to a certain level of Cs and RCs and not progress beyond that plateau. If you get there too early, your brain will get very frustrated because despite putting more time in, you will only get worse, not better. It’s a proven fact that this is what happens to people who start too early. Don’t make that mistake.


In our CFE Prep course, we lay out appropriate timing and study plans to help you get to September 11 at your peak, not frustrated and tired. Your initial goal is therefore to arrive at our course fresh and ready to learn!


So, between now and your CFE Prep course, do a maximum of five hours per week of technical review (less is okay). Also, listen to the pre-session material we have posted for those registered early and try to live a balanced life. This is a long haul, so don’t come out of the gate at a sprint. Think of the tortoise versus the hare, if you know that old Aesop’s Fable, and you will arrive at the CFE well rested and prepared.


The Densmore Team

(March 29, 2019)

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