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So, my loved one is writing the CFE...

On July 20, 2018

Yes, you read it right. This blog is for you to share with the people in your life who want to help you but have no idea what to say or do. The CFE is a unique exam, and it requires a unique approach that is both balanced and focused. But, it is not appropriate to remove yourself from your normal life to properly prepare; in fact, it is actually the worst thing you could do. Isolating yourself and not sharing the experience in a positive way will build more stress, which is not helpful.


Four things your loved ones should know about the exam:


1. The first attempt pass rate on the exam runs in the high 70-percent range, so the odds are in their favour. But, some candidates are unsuccessful on this exam. THEREFORE… don’t tell them they have never failed anything in their life, so this will be the same. It’s not the same and you’re just adding to the pressure they already feel.


2. It is not the candidates who study the longest and the hardest that are the most successful, it is the candidates that find balance and prepare by following an appropriate study plan. In this case, more study is not the formula for success. THEREFORE… don’t expect them to study all the time.


3. There is a minimum amount of effort required and it needs to be respected. THEREFORE… when it is study time, let them study. No interruptions. No text messages.


4. Having balance within the study plan is crucial. THEREFORE… when they say they want to go to a movie, or go for a bike ride or take a walk, say YES. If they never say those things, invite them in their non-study time to go do some non-CFE related things to help them stay connected with life.


Share this blog if you have someone in your life who just doesn’t get it. And remember that they do love you, and even if they don’t get it, they do mean well.


The Densmore Team (July 20, 2018)
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