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CFE Prep in August - Don't Miss Out

On June 22, 2018

We have had high demand for our courses this year, and while that is great, we want to make sure we can offer as many writers the opportunity to have solid training as possible.


We are currently sold out in our Vancouver, Toronto (July) and Edmonton courses, and there are very few spots left in Calgary.


Having said that, we do have some capacity in Halifax (a beautiful seaside city with lots of great food and people... not that we are biased), Ottawa (a new location we just added in this past month where your class size will be a lot smaller), and Toronto in August. 


Some of you may feel like the timing is late for August, so we want to address that. The timing for Toronto August is still, in our opinion, great timing for first-time CFE writers.  Here’s why:

  1. There is only one case to be completed for Capstone 2 in that time frame, so it can easily be written ahead by two days, and as it is not returned to you until after the course finishes, you will lose no benefit from the feedback. 
  2. You will need to write the practice case for Capstone 2 for Day 1 within the two days following the course. This is good since you will have just had the instruction on how to approach it.
  3. Integrating CFE Prep directly into Capstone 2 wastes no time. It means that you will immediately be able to apply what you have learned, which is definitely positive. 
  4. It prevents you from starting too early. Many writers begin in mid-July and by the time they hit the end of August they are completely fried. Starting later diminishes the risk of complete burnout. 
  5. We have built a great study plan that integrates the Capstone 2 requirements completely with the timing of CFE Prep. If you have the time off, it is very doable.  


Again, we want to help as many of you as possible, and our preference is to have you attend onsite if this is feasible for you. Online is an option as well, with several different course timings still available; however, most of those also more than two-thirds full. If you have any questions, please ask.


The Densmore Team (June 22, 2018)

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Avatar Atul Bhasin 2 years agoReply
Hello Folks,

How much typing speed is important to take CFE exam. If someone seped is 30 words per minute then will he be able to write his exam comfortably.
Avatar Paul Morris, CPA, CA 2 years agoReply
30 wpm is far more than adequate. The value of what you type is more important than the volume of what you type. You will learn during our CFE-Prep course how to write both efficiently and effectively to achieve the appropriate level of depth in all six technical competency areas.