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CFE Prep
Go into your exam with confidence.
This program gives you approach strategies and skills development for all three days of the CFE. All practice cases include full marking guides, marker grids, and online walkthroughs to show you writing examples and the recommended approach.
Apply your knowledge.
Resources available for candidates taking or challenging the Core and Elective modules. We provide packages to help you refine and master your case writing skills.
Competency Map Study Notes
Competency Map Study Notes
Build a solid foundation.
This book provides coverage of the entire CPA Competency Map for candidates to use throughout their CPA studies, laid out by competency area in a summary note style to aid in studying.
Maximize student success.
Individual cases, customized case packages, and textbooks perfect for integrated case courses.
Canada's Leader in CPA and CFE training for over 25 years.
Michelle Per
Michelle Per
KPMG, 2020 Governor General's Gold Medalist
“The Densmore videos were extremely helpful in preparing for the CFE. They provided guidance in terms of what topics are typically seen on the CFE and gave examples for how certain competencies could appear in a case setting. The feedback provided by the Densmore markers was extremely detailed and the marker made sure to point out any weaknesses or ways to improve my responses with specific examples, which I was able to use to improve my responses on future cases.”
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